Click, click, click – should you use Google, Bing, Yahoo? Who do you ask? When do you know when you have found the right fit? How do you know where to start when looking at companies to design your webpage? Are you feeling overwhelmed with option paralysis and free floating existential anxiety? Are you looking for something new? Something fun and filled with twists? Something that no one else is doing? How do you get the clicks? How do you get the top Google landing? There is an exciting new brand on the market and here it is! HBO LOOG. This new Rotterdam based web development and online marketing company was founded by Derk de Vries from Amsterdam. Derk, a world traveler who prides himself on his selling abilities which span over 30 years of intense, in the flesh pitch work as well as behind the scenes digital marketing has constructed a great new business just for you. He started in his early years as a diamond dealer and salesman of luxury water crafts. Derk got excited in the nineties about the digital marketing capabilities that the internet would allow him to reach his international audience with a single keystroke. Setting his sights high, he decided to work with casino websites to score big and strike it rich. Derk worked on web design for many online gambling sites, but three of his favorites and well-known are Slots and Stripes, Slot Prince and Dutch casino website gratis gokkasten spelen. Understanding the customer is vital and Derk places the customer at the forefront of his business. He knows that so often the customer is discounted in the world wide web of lies — so he makes a serious effort to collaborate ideas as much as possible with his clients. He acts with integrity at all aspects of business and utilizes his creative side at every turn.

Derk de Vries has lived on every continent and loves to travel. He speaks eight languages and his international base grows every year. He returned to his roots in Rotterdam to build up his dream company and managed to put together an incredible team to work the mystery that is necessary to impress and retain the modern customer.

Kirsten Visser, creative director of web designing, works directly with Derk on all projects to assure that each site has its own special effects and score to individualize the sites. She is a computer scientist and musician and spends her free time composing computerized songs for her clients and organising several events and marketing campaigns for Hbo Loog.

Lars Jansen is the main SEO marketing guru that will help you with online website marketing. He is an expert in building a solid base of customers though keyword development. He has attended Erasmus and has studied with the best in the world. His passion and drive is second to none in the field. He takes on each job with a twinkle in his eye and magic at his fingertips.

Roos Bakker, a computer engineer is the web developer for the team. She is a dynamic coder and will take you to the next level of business for your company.

Along with this wonderful team of professionals, there are many other interns and administrative staff available to help you with your site on a day to day basis. They are trained by the best, so they are ready and willing to assist you on a 24/7 basis. Web chat and telephone services are available for all silver, gold and platinum memberships.