De Beste Klassieke Slots Event and Marketing Campaign

HBO Loog is mainly operating in the Netherlands and because of that, we often work together with other Dutch operators and companies. Because of our close relationship with the online gambling industry, our team developed a great experience in web design and online marketing within this particular kind of industry. Now our high skilled team is ready to start with a new, great assignment for a new Dutch client, de Casino Conferentie. This is an organization who is organizing several gambling related conferences and events in the city of Rotterdam. Now they will be launching a new concept for an event called De Beste Klassieke Slot van 2020, which will take place in August. Casino Conferentie requested HBO Loog to create an online campaign for this event, including the development of a new official website.

The main target of De Beste Klassieke Slot van 2020 event are the online gamblers with a big passion for slot machines. The theme and concept of the event will be based on the magical world of slot machines that are launched in 2020. Visitors will be introduced to new games, software suppliers and will have the ultimate chance to review the games in order to provide feedback to the developers. HBO Loog will be responsible for the development of the concept, marketing strategy and general plan. This project will start next month and will be finished when the event will take place, this means that we will be working on this project for a couple of months. First, we will start with creating a new concept which will fit the goal of the event. Our concept developers will be working very hard to think of something that is completely out of the box and recognizable for its audience at the same.

HBO Loog will also be responsible for sales tracking, project management and time planning for this event. The program of De Beste Klassieke Slots van 2020 is still a secret, but we can already tell that the event will host some great speakers and professionals. Always wondered about the development of new slot machines and the necessary of features? During this event, you will learn everything about the implementation, creativity and elements behind every slot machine that is launched in the year 2020. HBO Loog will create an official webpage that will contain all the information about the event, including the program, visitor information, speakers, details about the software developers and tickets. HBO Loog will make an extreme offert to create an unique expression of this event and implement this in all kinds of elements.

If you are looking for something new and interesting, you should really visit De Beste Klassieke Slot van 2020 in August at the Conference Area in Rotterdam. If you would like to follow the development process of HBO Loog, please stay tuned and keep a close eye on our website and social media channels in order to follow our journey. HBO Loog is very excited to start with this new project and is looking forward to start collaborate with this professional organization.