Gratis gokkasten spelen casino page

Due to us having a Dutch founder, we have a lot of customers from his country. This should not be shocking to anyone. Something that might be new, is the fact that many of these customers include online casinos. These might sometimes not technically be from the same country, but they still target the same audience. This goes for one of our last projects, where the casino asked us to create a gratis gokkasten spelen lp. It’s always a challenge to design a page for a casino you didn’t create yourself, but we tried our best. Of course, our casino skills helped a lot.

Casino no deposit free spins

This page revolved around a casino no deposit free spins bonus, or slots. The casino that offered this is called BatCasino. It might not be hard to guess that the casino’s mascot is a bat and that the free spins were for the Dracula slot machine by NetEnt. As bats play a big role in this slot machine. Which like the casino, has a lot of black and shades of purple and blue. Obviously these colours also play a big part on the page that we created, just like the bats.

Appealing casino elements

But the visual aspect is not the only thing that matters. You also need to find the right words to persuade aspiring casino players that are still hesitating. Nowadays it’s not enough anymore to just advertise free spins, as there are so many competitors that are doing the same. So you need to try and be creative. For this particular casino, we used humour. This seemed especially nice, since the contrast with the darkness would make it even more fun. So our tagline became; “Beat that slot with a bat.” We probably don’t have to explain that you can also beat things with a baseball bat.

Casino terms and conditions

Now for the part that all casinos want to hide. When they offer gratis gokkasten spelen, they don’t want players to see the relevant casino terms and conditions right away. But by law these need to be visible. Especially in a casino that needs to follow rules to keep the license. We tried to work around it by having a bat ask the visitor if he wants to read the casino terms and conditions. If so, he can click on the link to expand the rules anytime, and if not he can ignore it.

Casino results

Of course we would like to share the casino results with you. However, this time it was a bit difficult. As the casino campaign launched right before the Corona virus outbreak in Europe and the virus is believed to be transmitted through a bat, the casino became quite controversial. This was great for casino players that also support conspiracy theorists. These are now very enthusiastic about the casino. People who are actually worried about the virus however, they haven’t really been able to find the casino in these past few months.