Our favourite gokkasten market isn’t something you might expect…

The market where it all comes together. The market in which design, development, branding, and technology assembles like any other, and the market which is in constant development. We got you curious, right? We’re talking about the igaming market offering many different options to play online slots with the latest technology. It isn’t strange that we as pioneers of online development love to help build and innovate online casinos. So, what makes this our favourite market? And, maybe more important: can we also play online slots?

Play to Relax

Our colleague Lars Jansen has always been a modest fan of slot games and online games. He likes to call it the best combination of entertainment, relaxation, and education since he developed great playing techniques and he indeed looks far less stressed. Being the marketing guru Lars is, his interest in promotion techniques in online gaming grew rapidly. One of Lars’ prompt interest in SEO was mainly initiated by watching the development of online slots. He soon learned that offering to play for free was one of the most used marketing tools by many casinos offering online slots. 

A market that benefits us all

 Our awesome team had noticed Lars’ growing interest in SEO and online branding and we applauded this development. We’re always encouraging our people to follow their passions and to keep learning. On a side note: this could also benefit us! It didn’t take our founder Derk a long time to realize this new interest of Lars could help the company on another adventure in online casinos, slots.

How to play gokkasten and get other bonuses

Knowing Derk as a very responsible person who doesn’t take risks before calculating all possibilities we needed to get to know the market first. Many online casinos were willing to offer slots and we loved it! Derk mapped the different approaches of casino marketing, promotions, bonuses, and slots to get a clear perspective on what we were about to do. Hbo Loog was ready to broaden its horizon in online games.

How we are a perfect fit for this market

So, what makes us a suitable partner for this working field? We’re just awesome! On a more serious note: we know slots. We know how slots work, how bonuses work, and which of the offered promotions really attracts users. Besides that: we’re professionals in many aspects of the field. Derk has travelled to many countries and met many people, also in de casino industry. Besides that, his son is a great fan. Derk is a marketing guru with extensive SEO-knowledge. Roos is an engineer like no others and is familiar with all tools used in slot machines. And I? I’m the creative director and people tell me I’m indeed the best in creative web design.

Research daily

Realizing the potential of the market, but also being aware of our own developing possibilities within this market, we all agree the online casino market is our favorite. On a daily basis we research the SEO-techniques used by hundreds of casinos, but also in which forms are being offered. Besides that, we figure out the most creative designs to help our partners develop while their slots work at maximum capacity. gratis gokkasten spelen, other bonuses, new innovations, and creative designs: that’s what we are all about!